You are the journey.

The Drop Everything is a travel blog to share with the world the quotidian of a Playocean life, reviews about the Beaches of Portugal.
Flows of thoughts which challenge us to be reborn...
And you, what are you?

Drop Everything • 29/06/2015

Rita's Indonesia

Drop Everything • 03/06/2015

I went to live in Thailand

Before dropping everything i had a life of stress, fears and senseless. Stress for every inherent problems of a so called normal life. Fears for being always on the edge of the abyss and never knowing of the money was enough to pay all the bills.

Logbook • 21/05/2015

The first conquest of freedom

We set to go undivided in search of ourselves with the absolute certainty of who was born. And that condition was enough to go. So much anger from the chains that the vessel was already whinnying against the quay for not being descendant of those who stay.

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