Praia da Adiça Beach

There is a beach in the county of Almada, little known to the weekend confusions, which encloses such a beauty that who goes there has the will to strip the clothes just to feel the freedom.

This is a naturism beach by excellence. The silence abounds. Maybe it is a synonym of respect and tolerance. And isn't that what we seek?

Crossing Charneca da Caparica to avoid the traffic of the Forest Road near to the beaches, we follow by the rugged National Road N377 through the middle of the Medos Woods, heading straight in the crossroad that descend to Fonte da Telha and parking few meters before the N.A.T.O. military base, where the road ends. For this reason, Praia da Adiça Beach is also known by Praia da NATO Beach.

N.A.T.O. Military Base at the end of the road
N.A.T.O. Military Base at the end of the National Road N377. The trail to Praia da Adiça Beach begins to the right. To the left, already out of the photo, an area sheltered by the shelter of the pine trees used as an improvised car parking.

On the left side of the road there's a glade with shadow where we can park, peacefully, in the middle of the pinewood.

Don't get scared with the military warning signs, the trail circumvents the fence by its right side without putting anyone in danger or breaking any law. Here the freedom is queen likewise the breeze blowing from the sea.

Trail to Praia da Adiça Beach
Trail to Praia da Adiça Beach near to the fence of the N.A.T.O. military base.
Trail, Praia da Adiça Beach
Trail to Praia da Adiça Beach.

We follow the trail of white sand under the height of the pine trees until the blue plays with the imagination...Is it the sky or the sea?

Detour to Praia da Adiça Beach
Detour to the right, through the middle of the bushes, to Praia da Adiça Beach.

Continuing straight, guided by the certainty of the descending trail parallel to the cliff, we cut unexpectedly to the right, further ahead, through the middle of the dense vegetation where cold the sand surprises the scaled feet.

But before throwing yourselves down the brae, wait a little...Have you noticed the immensity of this landscape!? What an incredible sight! The imposing Espichel Cape holding hands with the great slope of Meco village, guarding the waters of Albufeira Lagoon. And we, mere audience of this natural privilege.
— Please, breathe in and exhale.

Nature has the interesting characteristic of allowing our existence even knowing that we are culprits.

Fossil Cliff Protected Landscape of Costa da Caparica
In the middle of the . This pinewood area is known as Medos de Albufeira.

We find ourselves somewhere between the Espichel Cape and Cova do Vapor village in fully Fossil Cliff Protected Landscape of Costa da Caparica. So distant from the intolerant families like from their breathless weekends.

Here there is only peace.

If we would've continued straight, following the cliff through all its length, we would arrive at Albufeira Lagoon. A walk of a hour and thirty minutes, approximately.

Praia da Adiça Beach
The long and calm sand of Praia da Adiça Beach.

Once on the beach, look behind e notice the small depression existent on the cliff, where once was a gold mine in the mid-eighteenth century, according to history.
We realize also the plagues of Hottentot-fig and Acacia that have been decimating the autochthonous species which protect the dunes, like the European beachgrass, during years and years.
Unfortunately, if nothing is done, one day there will be nothing left.

Fisherman at Praia da Adiça Beach
The absence of bathers attracts some anglers which walk several kilometers, along the whole bay.

The sand is golden, the sea is blue. Enjoy and respect.

Let's go diving...