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Achada House - Mário Dionísio Center

1. Achada House - Mário Dionísio Center
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The Achada House — Mário Dionísio Center (in portuguese, Casa da Achada - Centro Mário Dionísio) was created in memory of the couple Mário Dionísio and Maria Letícia Clemente da Siva, in the neighborhood of Mouraria. In , fifty eight people connected to the artist managed to inaugurate to the public the house-center, one year after its foundation.

Mário Dionísio had a degree in Romantic Philology an d dedicated his professional life to teaching, writing, painting and art critic. Maria Letícia graduated in Classical Philology, was a teacher and took the Piano Degree of the National Conservatory. Both studied at the Faculdade de Letras1 of the Universidade de Lisboa2 and that's were thay met each other.

In the house-center, visitors have the possibility of contacting with the literary and artistic assets of Mário Dionísio, his personal archive and the private library of the couple.

In the documentation center exist more than 6.000 books and 200 copies of periodicals. To be able to access this literary material one has to make a previous appointment. However, the public library of the Achada House has nearly 4000 literary works that may be permanently consulted during the opening hours.

The Achada House - Mário Dionísio Center has own literary editions for sale, works of Mário Dionísio or other authors, and rare editions always desirable for the most dedicated collectors.

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AddressRua da Achada, 11 r/c, 1100 - 004 Lisboa, Portugal
GPS Coordinates38.713338,-9.135293
Telephone+351 218 877 090