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Archaeological Centre of Rua dos Correeiros

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The Archaeological Centre of Rua dos Correeiros was discovered during the construction works that took place between and in five buildings of the bank Millennium BCP. Drilled by the rehabilitation team of the Pombal buildings, the ground gave way and uncovered secrets that until then, the Portuguese capital kept hidden from its people.

In this space, there are stratigraphic layers that go back to the Pombal Period and the Iberian-Punic Period. Indeed, the ceramic furnace dated from the Iron Age, a result of the Punic presence in the Iberian peninsula is situated on the lower part of the archaeological complex. There were also found diverse ceramic pieces, eight bodies and traces of funerary rituals.

The major highlight of the center is attributed to a group of 32 salting tanks and fish conservation from the Roman Period.

From the Pombal Period, among other things, were found three brackish water wells that took advantage of the alluvial zone where they were located and floors in calcareous material arranged in geometric patterns.

Exist also in the Archaeological Centre of Rua dos Correeiros numerous artifacts and traces of archaeological constructions from the following periods: Visigoth, Medieval, Sixteenth and Islamic.

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AddressRua dos Correeiros, 9, 1100-061 Lisboa, Portugal
GPS Coordinates38.709707,-9.137239
Telephone+351 211 131 004