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Campo Pequeno Museum

1. Campo Pequeno Museum
1. Campo Pequeno Museum
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The Campo Pequeno Museum is located at the Praça de Touros do Campo Pequeno1 and was founded in . By that time, the whole collection was stolen and the police forces were unable to find it. It would pass until the Campo Pequeno have again something worth of calling it a Museum.

On the , the museum reopened to the public with the important mission of divulging the bullfighting culture in and the iconic history of this bullfighting square.

The Praça de Touros do Campo Pequeno1 was inaugurated on the with a bull that came from the livestock breeding named Emílio Infante da Câmara. However, the first documental mentions to this place go back to . In the opening poster appeared names such as Alfredo Tinoco (knight), Roberto da Fonseca or Felipe Aragón Minuto, both banderilleros. It is told that in this bullfight, due to the strength of the selected bulls, the actors took on more conservative postures and didn't give in to the traditional risks that make the crowd go delirious.

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  1. Bullfighting Square of Campo Pequeno

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AddressCentro de Lazer Campo Pequeno, 1000-082 Lisboa, Portugal
GPS Coordinates38.742514,-9.145237
Telephone+351 217 998 450 / +351 217 826 180