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The Carris Museum (in portuguese, Museu da Carris) opened doors to the public in , having been inaugurated by the President of the Republic at the time Dr. Jorge Sampaio. In it exists the purpose of preserving and sharing the collection of a centenary organization, the Carris.

On the , it is founded the Companhia Carris de Ferro de Lisboa1, in the city of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). One year later, it is implemented the first railway in , on which the carriages moved by animal traction.

In , the animal traction system is replaced by the electric traction one. Until the present, the Carris was responsible for the introduction of the metropolitan and the iconic trams and elevators of .

On the turn of the 20th century, with the opening of the museum, an important part of Lisbon's technological culture could be known by everyone.

Here, exist four permanent thematic exhibitions: the center 1, that documents the history of the Carris; the center 2, which displays the machinery inherent to the activity of the company; the center 3, has in exhibition work vehicles and passenger transport. Finally, the center Lisboa quem és tu2 makes known to visitors the city over time, using the latest technology and multimedia animations.

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