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1. Chiado8 Contemporary Art
1. Chiado8 Contemporary Art
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The Chiado8 Contemporary Art (in portuguese, Chiado8 Arte Contemporânea) is a project that was elaborated by the company Seguros Fidelidade Mundial1 (now, Fidelidade) after the merger with the Império Bonança in .

In the origin of the insurance company, there's the Fundação Bonança2 which was created in . The insurance company Fidelidade (throughout decades was merged and changed name many times), was founded in . Seven years later, it becomes pioneer by offering life insurance to its clients and in is the first insurer to offer accident insurance at work. The company would spend the 20th century in a process of expansion and, already in the 21st century (in ), reaches the position of market leader.

The Fidelidade is an old organization, innovative and full of history that with the project Chiado8 Contemporary Art decided to open a new door to the cultural panorama in . Situated in one of the main buildings of the company, the Chiado8 Arte offers to visitors temporary exhibitions of contemporary art.

Translation references

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  2. Bonança Foundation

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AddressLargo do Chiado, 8, 1249-125 Lisboa, Portugal
GPS Coordinates38.710340,-9.142222
Telephone+351 213 237 346