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The CNE's National Museum belongs to the Corpo Nacional de Escutas – Escutismo Católico Português1. This movement was founded in by Dr. Avelino Gonçalves and the Archbishop D. Manuel Vieira de Matos on the . The success and adhesion of the youngsters to scouting was so massive that only four years after its creation, Vieira de Matos stated: the scouting is the greatest catholic work in my country.

The organization developed along decades since the evolution of the statutes, introduction of environmental formation until the expansion throughout the whole Portuguese territory including the archipelagos of Madeira and Azores. It was also inaugurated on the , the CNE's Museum. In the facilities exist six divisions where are a library, an auditorium, the historic archive and three rooms: Noble Room, Gifts Room and Insignias Room.

In the Noble Room there are paintings the faces of all national leaders.

The Gifts Room has in exhibition flags, uniform parts, stamps, photographs and other items inherent to the activity of the movement that were donated or acquired.

Finally, the Insignias Room exhibits the scouting insignias since until the present day.

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  1. National Body of Souts - Portuguese Catholic Scouting

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