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The Combatant Museum (in portuguese, Museu do Combatente) is located at the Forte de Bom Sucesso that houses in the interior, the Monumento Nacional aos Combatentes do Ultramar. It was inaugurated on the .

Crafted in the walls of the fort, are the headstones with the names of the brave that died in the name of , inscribed in alphabetical order and with their military rank. There are still two inscriptions, different from the rest with the following messages: Aos combatentes do Ultramar and À memória de todos os soldados que morreram ao serviço de Portugal, a solemn and fair tribute to all those men who perished too soon. At the center, under the triangular structure, is found the Flame of the Nation, symbolizing the continuity of Portugal as a nation and the eternal thank to every fallen Portuguese combatant of the Guerra do Ultramar. This flame never goes out.

In the Forte do Bom Sucesso are exhibited about 400 miniatures of military airplanes, equipment pieces utilized in the great world wars and overseas, and the storages of the Portuguese navy, army and air force.

This museum space of major national importance, is managed by the Liga dos Combatentes, founded in to gather together the Portuguese who fought in the First World War. In the league's headquarter, exists another center of the museum that is worth visiting. There, one will find from uniforms to war weapons and military awards exhibited to the public.

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AddressAvenida de Brasília, Forte do Bom Sucesso, 1400-038 Lisboa, Portugal
GPS Coordinates38.692758,-9.218019
Telephone+351 213 468 245 / +351 213 468 246 / +351 213 468 228 / +351 213 468 708