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The Communications Museum (in portuguese, Museu das Comunicações) opened in under the supervision of the Fundação Portuguesa de Comunicações1.

Currently, there are three permanent exhibitions in the museum entitled Vencer a Distância - Cinco Séculos de Comunicações em Portugal2, Casa do Futuro na Cloud - viver numa smart city3 and Mala-posta4. The first exhibition is dedicated to the evolution of the means and techniques of communication and is divided into two thematic routes, one about the Telecommunications and another about the Post Offices. In was added to this exhibition the center Mecanização Postal5 that is about the post offices organization in the 20th century with the aim of answering effectively to the growing expansion rate of the number of letters.

In the second exhibition, existent since , it is addressed the theme of the role of new technologies at the service of human well-being in living spaces. Here, it is highlighted the evolution of the concept House of the Future throughout the last two centuries.

Inaugurated in the year , the exhibition Mala-posta illustrates with real size replicas, the typical situations arising of this activity that started in . It was established in by José Mascarenhas Neto, at the time, the General Superintendent of Posts of the Kingdom.

In the facilities of the museum there are spaces dedicated to temporary exhibitions.

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