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Cultural Center of Casa Pia

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The Cultural Center of Casa Pia (in portuguese, Centro Cultural Casapiano) belongs to the centenary organization Casa Pia de Lisboa. This public institution was created on the by the magistrate Diogo Inácio de Pina Manique with the purpose of mitigate the tragic and lasting consequences of the great earthquake of .

In the beginning, the Casa Pia was housed in the Castelo de São Jorge1 and there developed and began not only to receive the most unfortunate ones as also teach technical professions, music and arts. Later it moved to the Convento do Desterro2 in the beginning of the 19th century and in it moved again, this time to the Mosteiro dos Jerónimos3.

On the the Cultural Center of Casa Pia is created with the firm intention of preserving and spread the culture of the institution. For such, it counts with the museum, an historic archive, the Biblioteca César da Silva4 and the Auditório Rainha Dona Isabel5 that has the capacity for 115 people. In the museum, was created a route that unfolds over the lifetime of the Casa Pia de Lisboa and addresses both the historical aspects as the teaching of skills taught.

Two years after the inauguration of the cultural center, the Casa Pia de Lisboa enters in a dark period of its history when was uncovered a pedophile network within the institution. The good name and improvements of the organization throughout more than two centuries will be forever stained.

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AddressRua dos Jerónimos, 7 A, 1400-210 Lisboa, Portugal
GPS Coordinates38.699450,-9.206381
Telephone+351 213 614 090