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The Fado Museum (in portuguese, Museu do Fado) was inaugurated on the , symbolizing a noble tribute to the exclusive Portuguese music style and its artists. Unique in the world, the Fado was considered Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by the UNESCO on the .

Located in the traditional neighborhood of Alfama (the cradle of Fado), the building that houses the museum was once a water pumping station erected in and is a Monument of Public Interest.

In this space, visitors are taken to the historic origins of Fado in the 19th century, finding famous works like the painting O Fado that was made in , authorship of . Here, there's an infinity of items related to the theme, like musical instruments, art works, repertoires or detailed bibliographic data of the major names in the history of Fado.

It's also needed to emphasize that Fado is brought to life by the voice of the singers and also by the skilled hands of great players of Fado Guitar and Portuguesa Guitar. It would be impossible to end this text without mentioning the names of the singer Amália Rodrigues and Carlos Paredes, a Portuguese guitar player and composer known by the Man of the Thousand Fingers. Both already deceased, they are two immortal giants in the soul of Fado and the Portuguese people.

Today, we rejoice Amália having in Mariza a successor worth of carrying the banner of such rooted tradition.

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