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House Museum - Foundation Amália Rodrigues

1. House Museum - Foundation Amália Rodrigues
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The House-Museum Foundation Amália Rodrigues was the address of Amália da Piedade Rodrigues during and the place where she would spend her last living days. The singer, eternal pinnacle of Fado (a traditional music style exclusive of ), left a tear in the heart of each Portuguese when died on the .

Fruit of the recognition of her exceptional talent, the Fado singer was buried in the National Pantheon, an honor destined to the great names of the history of Portugal.

Managed by the Fundação Amália Rodrigues (created by the desire expressed in will by the singer), the house-museum has in exhibition numerous personal objects of Amália and others allusive to the brilliant career which made her the voice of a country. There are about 30.000 pieces that count the history of a great woman and aren't enough to mitigate the missing in all of us. We are left with her voice, immortalized in 30 million copies sold worldwide.

By walking through the dining room we are faced with 19th century furniture and an oil painting of a view over our lovely capital. In the living room there are various musical instruments and a sculpted face of the singer. In one of the bedrooms, the scenery is dominated by a bed D. Maria and one of Amália's dresses. Ahead, entering the antechamber we are greeted by Amália's face sculpted in bronze. Finally, the singer's bedroom presents us with the dressing, a polychrome Portuguese oratory and several dresses worn throughout the stages of the world.

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