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The House Museum Whisky and Company (in portuguese, Casa Museu Whisky e Companhia) opened to the public in to share a collection that took to be assembled by Alfredo Gonçalves, existing as a shop and museum.

The nearly 6.500 bottles of whisky assume various shapes, among them, of animals, trains and human representations (some of famous figures), worthy of exhibition in the best craft shops of . This unique collection was awarded with the certificate of the Guinness World Records in .

The shop of Alfredo Gonçalves is an authentic sanctuary to every whisky lover. Here are present for sale about 600 different whiskies coming from all over the globe. There are since the traditional Scotch and Irish until the more exotic Japanese. To turn this experience more complete there are available sundry types of cake and chocolate that spoil the palate of any visitor.

The House Museum Whisky and Company has the capacity of receiving between 80 and 100 people, which makes it an election place for holding events in a glamorous atmosphere.

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AddressRua Visconde de Seabra,12 A–C, 1700-370 Lisboa, Portugal
GPS Coordinates38.745492,-9.146877
Telephone+351 217 932 655