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The Library-Museum Republic and Resistance (in portuguese, Biblioteca-Museu República e Resistência) is divided into two museum centers:

The first center of the library-museum to be constituted was the Espaço Grandella (recently deactivated) in , occupying the old facilities of the school of the Grandella Neighborhood. This working-class neighborhood was built between and by the order of Francisco Almeida Grandella, a merchant and industrial, owner of the Armazéns Grandella that needed to lodge his workers. Currently, all the neighborhood is classified as being Real Estate of Public Interest.

In the library-museum there are numerous articles and literary works relative to a chronological period that goes from the 1st Republic to the clandestine communications during the Estado Novo. Were developed by the ones opposing to the dictatorial fist of António de Oliveira Salazar, the regime leader.

With the growth of the collection and the rise on the visitors number, the necessity of expanding the facilities of the library-museum became imperious, and so, was born the Espaço Cidade Universitária. This second center comprises a larger area comparing with the Grandella Space, access for people with reduced mobility, new IT resources and an amphitheater with capacity for 80 people.

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