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The Lisbon Museum (former Museu da Cidade) was created on the and recently restructured. Now incorporates five different centers:

  • Palácio Pimenta2
  • Museu Santo António3
  • Museu do Teatro Romano
  • Casa dos Bicos
  • Torreão Poente do Terreiro do Paço

In this text, will be addressed the main center at Palácio Pimenta and the Torreão Poente do Terreiro do Paço, the remaining three centers will be explored individually on our platform.

Located at Campo Grande and the official head office of the Lisbon Museum, the Palácio Pimenta was built in the 18th century during the reign of D. João V.

The museum collection comprises an extensive archaeological collection, paintings, printings and drawings that represent periods since the pre-history until the 19th century.

In the garden of the palace are nearly 1.200 animal figures, produced at Caldas da Rainha city under the supervision of the Portuguese artist Joana Vasconcelos.

The Torreão Poente do Terreiro do Paço, that came to be equated as the possible head office of the Lisbon Museum, is that place where are held temporary exhibitions like A última fronteira - Lisboa em Tempos de Guerra, allusive to the forties of the 20th century in , at the time of the Second World war.

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AddressCampo Grande, 245, 1700-091 Lisboa, Portugal
GPS Coordinates38.758536,-9.156509
Telephone+351 217 513 200