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Lisbon Oceanarium

1. Oceanário de Lisboa
1. OCeanário de Lisboa
1. Oceanário de Lisboa
1. Oceanário de Lisboa
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The Lisbon Oceanarium opened doors to the public with the while performing the Lisbon International Exhibition 1998 under the aegis of The oceans, an heritage for the future. By this time, it was celebrated 500 years on the Portuguese Discoveries.

The facilities of the oceanarium are divided into two fabulous architectural constructions, the Edifício dos Oceanos (more known to the general public) and the Edifício do Mar. This last one, utilized for bureaucratic purposes and temporary exhibitions, counts with an enormous tile panel allusive to the maritime theme with nearly 55.000 tile units.

In the Edifício dos Oceanos, designed by Peter Chermayeff, there are about 8.000 animals and plants from 500 different species. Such diversity is only possible on the second largest oceanarium in the world!

This infrastructure has 30 aquariums with the capacity for 7.500.000 liters of water, part of a complex with 20.000 square meters. Here, the visitor will find the universe of the seas at the level of the eyes and will be greeted by sharks, rays, penguins, coral reefs, tropical fishes and much more. This is the place with the greatest biodiversity of the Portuguese capital, .

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AddressEsplanada D. Carlos I, 1990-005 Lisboa, Portugal
GPS Coordinates38.763573,-9.093730
Telephone+351 218 917 000