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1. Lisbon Zoo
1. Lisbon Zoo
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The Lisbon Zoo (in portuguese, Jardim Zoológico de Lisboa) is one of the most emblematic places of the Portuguese capital. It opened doors to the public in at the Parque de São Sebastião da Pereira1. Pioneer thematic park in the Iberia and of complex logistics, had a trio of founders, the Baron Kessler, José Thomaz Sousa Martins and Dr. Pedro Van Der Lann, that counted with the help of the monarch D. Fernando II.

On the , the zoo was transferred to the current facilities at Quinta das Laranjeiras2.

In this living museum exist 10 attractions and presentations at the disposal of visitors: valley of the tigers, zoo train, cable car, little farm, reptile house, feeding the pelicans, feeding the sea-lions, presentation of reptiles (only during the summer), feeding birds in free flight and the iconic presentation of dolphins.

Adding to this set of unique experiences, one may also have contact the more than 2.000 animals, distributed by about 330 species that the Lisbon Zoo has to offer.

In the facilities of the zoo there is an amusement park, the Animax, that delights both children and adults.

Translation references

  1. Park of São João da Pedreira
  2. Place that was previously a farm (in portuguese, Quinta), but now is urban.

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AddressEstrada de Benfica, 158–160, 1549-004 Lisboa, Portugal
GPS Coordinates38.743027,-9.168345
Telephone+351 217 232 920 / +351 217 232 910