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The Military Museum (in portuguese, Museu Militar) began to take shape by the hand of the Baron of Monte Pedral in the year .

During the reign of D. Manuel I, the facilities where currently the museum is located, were called Tercenas das Portas da Cruz1. At the time, they already had a military purpose for serving to store weapons, melt canons and make gunpowder.

This museum space is entirely dedicated to the evolutionary history of weaponry and military equipment in and counts with about three dozen exhibition rooms.

The museum offers to the public a fabulous temporal adventure where it is possible to visit the car responsible for the transportation of the Arco da Rua Augusta2 and the artillery pieces at Sala Vasco da Gama3, which are part of one of the best groups of that kind of pieces ever assembled worldwide.

We continue with painting O Sonho do Infante4 of José Malhoa, in tribute to the Infant D. Henrique, father of the Portuguese discoveries, and a nearly endless number of paintings, murals, sculptures, decorated ceilings, helmets, shooting guns that could be turned all into a book if we would try to describe them in detail. In short, this is of the museums with more heritage in exhibition of .

Translation references

  1. Warehouse of the Portas da Cruz
  2. Arch of Rua Augusta
  3. Room of Rua Augusta
  4. The Infant's Dream

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AddressLargo do Museu de Artilharia, 1149-065 Lisboa, Portugal
GPS Coordinates38.712892,-9.124468
Telephone+351 218 842 477 / +351 218 842 330