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MUDE - Museum of Design and Fashion Collection Francisco Capelo

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The MUDE - Museum of Design and Fashion Collection Francisco Capelo had its origin in the year when the Câmara Municipal de Lisboa became the proprietary of the assets of product design and fashion belonging to the collector Francisco Capelo.

Located in the historic center of , the museum began to be designed in and opened on the . The portuguese expression MUDE, imperative form of the verb to change conjugated in the 3rd person, is one of the missionary purposes of the museum while craving to touch the consciousness and lucidity of everyone who visit it.

Francisco Capelo began the establishment of his collection in the 90's, gathering assets chronologically placed between and the end of the 20th century. This collection has furniture pieces, clothing, footwear, and accessories from a big variety of creators like Jean-Paul Gautier, Paco Rabane, Le Corbusier, Campana Brothers and many more. In total, there are counted 690 fashion sets and 672 pieces of equipment design.

In this space, it is yet possible to admire the permanent exhibitions of Eduardo Afonso Dias, Daciano da Costa and António Garcia, and other temporary exhibitions which brighten the thematic diversity offered by the MUDE.

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AddressRua Augusta, 24, 1100-053 Lisboa, Portugal
GPS Coordinates38.709050,-9.137020
Telephone+351 218 886 117