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The Mundo Sporting Museum is housed in Estádio José de Alvalade1 the belongs to the club Sporting Clube de Portugal, a centenary institution founded on the .

Inaugurated nearly after the birth of Sporting, the museum opened doors on the , by the hand of the president at the time, António Dias da Cunha. It replaced the Hall of Cups (at Rua do Passadiço2) and posteriorly the Hall of Trophies and Sports Relics at Estádio José de Alvalade1.

In this museum there are trophies of all sports of Sporting Clube de Portugal, arguably the most eclectic sporting institution in the country. It stands out in this chapter the victory in the Cup Winners Cup during the season / by the professional football team.

The shirt and shoes with which Carlos Lopes was crowned Olympic Champion and the bicycle of Joaquim Agostinho are perfect examples of the versatility and competence of the Sporting in the formation of winners in various sport fronts.

Here, is possible to go back in time and feel the magical perfume of the football practiced by the Cinco Violinos3, a fearsome attacking front of the end of the last century's forties. The legendary names are Travassos, Peyroteo, Jesus Correia, Vasques and Albano. Of the latter, and all the others who took part in the club's history, eternal remain the memories of his achievements.

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