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Museum (Bibliographic, Pedagogic and Artistic) João de Deus

1. Museum (Bibliographic, Pedagogic and Artistic) João de Deus
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The Museum (Bibliographic, Pedagogic and Artistic) João de Deus exists as a fair homage to the work developed by João de Deus and was erected by his son João de Deus Ramos, with the help of a group of republican idealists.

was a pedagogue and poet that lived until the end of the 19th century. He published the Cartilha Maternal in , a pioneer document that held a method of learning to read in a high rates of illiteracy at the time.

In the year , João de Deus perishes and the nation loses one of the loses one of its mainstays in the world of education. His work would be continued by the son who would found a network of children's schools, the Jardins-Escola João de Deus.

The museum exists since the and sought always be a solid pillar in the support to the national culture throughout decades. In the collection, are found various Initiation Methods for Reading and Calculation, groups of periodical newspapers, correspondence manuscripts between prominent people at the time and personal belongings of father and son, including art pieces and the historic library.

In the year , the Museum (Bibliographic, Pedagogic and Artistic) João de Deus was considered a Building of Public Interest.

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