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1. Museu da Cerveja
1. Museu da Cerveja
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The Museum of Beer (in portuguese, Museu da Cerveja) is the first of its kind in and aims to pay tribute to this millennial beverage (with about 6 thousand years old) originally from the Mesopotamia. During the time of the Roman Empire in the Iberian Peninsula, this alcoholic drink arrived to the Portuguese territory, having the term cerveja origin in Latin language that is preceded by the Gallic idiom, with the word servisia.

In the present, beer is the third more beverage more known in the world, only surpassed by water and tea. Concerning to alcoholic drinks, beer is the most consumed all over the world.

As a way of celebrating an ancient beverage and so rooted in its culture, joined the other Portuguese-speaking countries to provide to visitors of the museum and brewery, the best that the companies in this activity of these countries have to offer. Here, one may taste numerous beers, among which are, Sagres and Superbock from Portugal, Cuca from Angola, Brahma from Brasil or Laurentina from Mozambique.

In the Museum of Beer one may visit spaces which illustrate themes like the beer production process from the early days until the start of industrial production, the history of national producers, the beer in the Portuguese-speaker countries and the monastic cellar.

The facilities have available 240 seats inside and 380 terrace seats, totally dedicated to provide a beer tasting experience in something to repeat. To finish in beauty, there's nothing like accompanying a really cold beer with some snacks or typical dishes of the well renowned Portuguese cuisine.

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AddressTerreiro do Paço, Ala Nascente, 62 – 65, 1100-148 Lisboa, Portugal
GPS Coordinates38.708251,-9.135511
Telephone+351 210 987 656