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The Museum of the Bank of Portugal (in portuguese, Museu do Banco de Portugal) was inaugurated in . It offers to visitors an unique perspective about the history of commercial trades, since its primaries until the present, and the invention of money.

Behind the creation of this space museum, there is an institution of major relevancy for the economy of the country, the Banco de Portugal1. It was founded on the , and had activities of commerce and debt emission.

In , happens an historic milestone in the life of the Banco de Portugal1, by starting to have the exclusivity over the emission of banknotes in the whole national territory in Europe (the ex-colonies were excluded). From this date on, the bank would be able to fully control the liquidity levels of the Portuguese economy.

Currently, it as the functions of regulate and supervise the Portuguese banking system. The emission of money is decided by the European Central Bank, due to the integration of in the Euro Zone.

In the museum created in the end of 20th century, exists a permanent exhibition named O Dinheiro no Ocidente Peninsular - do Antigo Padrão ao Euro2. Here, one will find 14 centers, chronologically organized that will unveil the mysteries of the monetary evolution in Portugal.

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