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The Museum of the Presidency is housed in the Palácio Nacional de Belém, official residency of the Presidents of the Portuguese Republic and a National Monument since .

This museum space was inaugurated on the , a symbolic date for the Portuguese people due to the Establishment of the Republic on that same day in .

The collection of the museum in permanent exhibition seeks to share with visitors a whole panoply of personal items and art pieces related to the heads of state from the beginning of the republican political system to the present day.

Vast, the collection is divided into eight different thematic: National Symbols, Portuguese Republic, Presidents of Portugal, Activities of the President of the Republic, Gallery of Official Portraits, Estate Visits, Honorific Orders and the Belém Palace. Examples of what one will find at the Museum of the Presidency is the Spínola's monocle, the National Flag or the sheet music of the national anthem A Portuguesa composed by following the English Ultimatum of .

It is highlighted that in this patriotic space are also displayed temporary exhibitions.

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AddressPraça Afonso de Albuquerque, 1349-022 Lisboa, Portugal
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