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National Contemporary Art Museum of Chiado

1. National Contemporary Art Museum of Chiado
1. National Contemporary Art Museum of Chiado
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The National Contemporary Art Museum of Chiado (in portuguese, Museu Nacional de Arte Contemporânea do Chiado) was created on the and is housed in the former Convento de São Francisco da Cidade1.

The first edification of the convents dates from which the mentor was Brother Zacarias. However, the convent would be reconstructed and modified several times along centuries, having nothing left of the original building.

In , when the known Chiado fire happened, the art works were removed from the museum as a preventive action. Six years later, the building was remodeled according to the design of the French architect Jean-Michelle Wilmotte and the museum reopened on the .

The art collection the Chiado Museum presents works dated from until the present day. This collection is considered the epitome of contemporary Portuguese art, highlighting works of art in the areas of sculpture, painting or drawing of the authorship of compelling artists like Tomás Anunciação, Paula Rego, Silva Porto, Afred Keil, Amadeo de Sousa-Cardoso or Ângela Ferreira.

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  1. São Francisco da Cidade Convent

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