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The National Costume Museum (in portuguese, Museu do Traje) is housed in the Palácio de Angeja-Palmela, built in the second half of the 18th century by the order of D. Pedro José de Noronha, 3rd Marquis of Angeja. The Marquis was largely responsible for the latent characteristic traces in the architecture of this Building of Public Interest that is part of the Quinta do Monteiro-Mor. Gifted with a chapel, the palace is also embellished by the verdant botanical garden with 11 hectares whose authorship belongs to .

Under the supervision of Natália Correia Guedes, the National Costume Museum is inaugurated in with an exhibition named O Traje Civil em Portugal. This event made Natália Guedes the first woman founder of a museum in .

In the collection of the museum there are garments from private collections that were generously donated and also clothing that came from other Portuguese museums. This reunion of clothing heritage allows the museum to proudly show its permanent exhibition O Traje em Portugal. Do século XVIII à Contemporaneidade. Here, are shown pieces like the Palatial Costume, the Costume of the 20th century, highlighting also the Costume of Intimacy, with specific rules of use and characteristic of the high society.

In this museum exist the item We receive at home several temporary exhibitions that bring novelty and topicality to the Costume theme.

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