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National Library of Portugal

1. National Library of Portugal
1. National Library of Portugal
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The National Library of Portugal (in portuguese, Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal) presents a collection that holds ten centuries of Portuguese history, being the largest existent in the country. It was created on the and was termed Real Biblioteca Pública da Corte1.

Since the foundation that the library is dedicated to reunite, inventory and preserve a bibliographical collection that includes all kinds of subjects and themes. The collection remains in constant expansion by the intermediary of donations or acquisition of specific works that might be considered of public interest.

With the arrival of the 21st century, the library was modernized and currently possesses a service of web search accessible to the whole world. The Biblioteca Nacional Digital2 provides the works of the collection in digital format.

The reading lovers have at the Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal a literary treasure the will transport them directly to the guts and roots of an unique people, the Portuguese.

National Library of Portugal signboard
National Library of Portugal signboard

Inaugurated in 1969, the Biblioteca Nacional made true the dream of a purposemade building, which came from the 18th century. Originally created in 1785, in the west alley of the Terreiro do Paço, with the name of Biblioteca Pública da Mesa Censória, its treasury was considerably enriched in 1834, with the incorporation of the religious institutions. In 1936 it was renamed Biblioteca Nacional and its premises moved to the Convento de São Francisco, where it stayed until the new building was completed.

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