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Numismatic Portuguese Museum

1. Numismatic Portuguese Museum
1. Numismatic Portuguese Museum
1. Numismatic Portuguese Museum
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The Numismatic Portuguese Museum (in portuguese, Museu Numismático Português) was created in and, by the time, it became part of the Imprensa Nacional-Casa da Moeda1. Pedro Batalha Reis was its first Director. Due to the logistics of changing the facilities of Casa da Moeda2, from Rua de São Paulo3 to its present location, the museum only opened officially on .

The seeds for the creation of a numismatic museum were cast long prior its creation. On the , was issued an official Warning signed by the Marquês de Pombal4, decreeing that a collection of coins and medals made of different varieties of metals and from the whole world, should start to be raised.

The inexistence of self facilities for a permanent exhibition of the Numismatic Portuguese Museum conditions the access of the general public to one of the most beautiful collections gathered in . However, it's possible to visit the temporary exhibitions organized in the main lobby of the Casa da Moeda2 building.

During these exhibitions, visitors may enjoy of part of these fantastic assets which count with about 9.500 medals and 35.000 coins that include the numismatic collection of Rei D. Carlos I5 since , time when it was transferred to Casa da Moeda2 due to the Implantação da República6. It may yet be found in the museum collection, plasters, money making machines, documents of the historical archive and matrices.

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