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The Orient Museum (in portuguese, Museu do Oriente) was inaugurated on the , in the facilities of the Edifício Pedro Álvares Cabral. The Fundação Oriente constituted in , rooted to the spirit of the ancient Portuguese who left on ships heading east, recognized the importance of maintaining, reinforcing and creating new connections between the western and eastern societies through art and culture. It was designated the premise that it would lead to the museum: to nurture the pacific cohesion of a globalized world.

The collection is divided into two major themes, the Portuguese presence in the Asiatic continent and the Kwok On Collection, constituted by several objects and an impressive group of testimonies gathered throughout Asia that together account more than thirteen thousand items. Here, exist pieces referring to various cults and religious beliefs, like Buddhism and Hinduism. In exhibition to the public are 650 pieces of the Kwok On Collection that are alternate with others periodically.

The Portuguese presence in Asia is illustrated by a group of about 1500 pieces which includes paintings, ceramics and textiles.

In the museum, with the fundamental role in the evolution of the collection and maintenance of the bounds between different cultures, exists an important Documentation Center.

On the , the Orient Museum was officially considered a Monument of Public Interest.

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