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The Pharmacy Museum (in portuguese, Museu da Farmácia) was inaugurated in with the purpose of preserving the 5.000 years of history of the pharmaceutical world and the evolution of the Pharmacies of Portugal. In the beginning, the role of Dr. Salgueiro Basso was fundamental to gather the collection of the museum, by donating the first pieces to the Associação Nacional de Farmácias.

In this space were recreated four typical scenarios of pharmacies since the end of the 15th century until the present. There is a Chinese pharmacy brought from Macau dated from the end of the 19th century and another space dedicated to the Military Pharmacy that due to its functions bring unique specificities.

The collection of the museum comprises pieces from all over the world that characterize perfectly the evolution of the pharmaceutical sciences along time through the whole world. Here, are presented pieces from Mesopotamia, ancient Greece, Tibet, China, the European pharmacy, among others. But the museum goes further and transports us until the Space Era, exhibiting the portable pharmacies of the Space Shuttle Endeavour astronauts. They were used in a journey in , the last spatial trip of the previous millennium.

Unmatchable in contents and collection, the Pharmacy Museum received multiple awards along its history, having also been considered the best Portuguese museum for three consecutive years, to .

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