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Portuguese Masonic Museum

1. Portuguese Masonic Museum
1. Portuguese Masonic Museum
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The Portuguese Masonic Museum (in portuguese, Museu Maçónico Português) was created in by the Grande Oriente Lusitano. However, the past of masonry in our country goes back to , when merchants from the United Kingdom settled in , opened the first store that appears designated in the registries of the inquisition at the time by: Heretic Merchants.

In the year , was founded the Grande Oriente Lusitano1, the first masonic Obedience in . The reunion that preceded and deliberated the creation of the masonic obedience happened at the home of the general Gomes Freire de Andrade, one of the highest dignitaries of the national masonry.

In the museum, visitors have the possibility of contacting with the mysterious and secret world of masonry and have a glimpse of the life in the organization through the pieces in exhibition. Among them, are swords, mosaics, pillars, gloves, plumb lines, aprons and other items that assume singular purposes and meanings on the performance of the masonic rituals.

The space of the Masonic Museum is also utilized for holding conferences and temporary exhibitions.

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  1. Great Orient Lusitanian

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AddressRua do Grémio Lusitano, 25, 1200-211 Lisboa, Portugal
GPS Coordinates38.713121,-9.144961
Telephone+351 213 424 506