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RTP - Museum Collection of Radio and Television

1. RTP – Coleção Museológica de Rádio e Televisão
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The RTP – Museum Collection of Radio and Television (in portuguese, RTP – Coleção Museológica de Rádio e Televisão) is located at the studios of the Rádio e Televisão de Portugal1, a pioneer company in radio - televise transmissions in the country.

It exhibits a collection divided into four thematic centers: Collection Radio Parts, Collection Television Parts, Gallery of Radio Contents and Gallery of Television Contents. One of the museum's attractions are that Parts Collections, groups of equipments that take us travelling through the technological history of radio and television.

In the Galleries of Contents exist radio and television excerpts that marked the world since the beginnings of the two media to the present.

Besides the collection, there are three exhibitions to be visited: Madeira, Exhibition 50 Years of RTP and Exhibition of Exterior Cars. Here, are documented the history of RTP at the Madeira archipelago, the years of the company's life and the vehicles used by workers to perform exterior broadcasts, respectively.

In total, the museum space of RTP holds more than 5.000 pieces that constitute part of history of the state organization.

In case of not being able to visit in person the facilities in Lisboa, it is available online the RTP Virtual Museum, a digital platform that replicates in detail the facilities and collection in exhibition of the Rádio e Televisão de Portugal1.

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