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Viewpoint of Parque Eduardo VII

1. Viewpoint of Eduardo VII park
1. Viewpoint of Eduardo VII park
1. Viewpoint of Eduardo VII park
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In , the largest park with an observation spot at the top was built in , the Viewpoint of Parque Eduardo VII

Halfway through the Alameda Cardeal Cerejeira1, wooden benches facing south open up the entrance to the viewpoint where we can also find an access staircase and the Monumento 25 de Abril2, sculpted by , sitting on a small artificial lake.

The giant flag of dances in the wind, right above our heads, between four monumental pillars.

The sight of this place is an inspiration to any of us. It goes all the way up to the Jardim do Parque Eduardo VII3 to the very end of Praça Marquês de Pombal4, with the statesman monument standing at the top, following all the way down through Avenida da Liberdade5 and Baixa Pombalina6 (Baixa) reaching the waters of Rio Tejo7.

Once we are able to understand the natural design of the old Vale Verde8, located between the Colina de Sant’Ana9 and Colina de São Roque10, this whole scenery becomes far more interesting as it shapes the viewer’s perspective: tapered, half-moon shape, as the womb of Lisbon’s rebirth after the devastating Earthquake.

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AddressAlameda Cardeal Cerejeira, 1070-044 Lisboa, Portugal
GPS Coordinates38.730374,-9.154518