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Viewpoint of Santo Estêvão

1. Viewpoint of Santo Estêvão
1. Viewpoint of Santo Estêvão
1. Viewpoint of Santo Estêvão
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Hidden in the picturesque streets of Bairro Historico de Alfama1, in Santa Maria Maior, is the Viewpoint of Santo Estêvão, named as due its location in the churchyard of Igreja de Santo Estêvão2.

Going down through Rua de Guilherme Braga3 or Rua do Vigario4, we go around the church standing on the Largo de Santo Estêvão5 where we can access the viewpoint positioned in the back.

We go down the stairs and we are marvelled by the magnificent view over Alfama and Rio Tejo6. Once again, the Portuguese cobblestones are the floor for the pines that cover the churchyard.

With faded pink tones is the 7 standing next to Alfandega do Jardim do Tabaco8. Far right, rising up from the houses and rooftops, the bell towers of the Igreja Sao Miguel9, and a little bit higher, at the top of the neighbourhood, the Viewpoint of Santa Luzia and the .

Further beyond the Tejo10, we can sight the great river’s basin entering the councils of Almada, Seixal, Barreiro e Montijo, with the beautiful Serra da Arrabida1 closing the horizon.

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AddressLargo Santo Estêvão, 1100-505 Lisboa, Portugal
GPS Coordinates38.712057,-9.127734