About Us

If we only knew who we are, our lives would have not any sense.
It was the nature of free spirit, convict of large and lucid dreams, that united every beach in Portugal and invented this project known by Playocean.

We are Portuguese and, hence, from the World.
There is in us the will to go for the impossible as the discovery of the illusion of all beaches's horizon, or of Oceans in any other Worlds, even with more illusions than this one.
Rotating inside each and every one of us, whirl forces of madness to the rhythm of days, bringing the consciousness that Mankind does not close nor prohibits itself. Grows. lives. Is!

Like a force which spins and casts out from itself the weight of atavistic and depleted values, keeps in the interior the fundamental energy to the creative impetus of Playocean.

It's necessary to purge and teach the spirit to conquer the maximum purpose of its existence: to be free!

May the ceilings and walls of our offices be the sky, the sand and the salty sea water on our bodies.

Drop everything!